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Wrist Cuffs

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Wrist Cuffs</span></strong></em>

Set of 2¼" shaped Wrist Cuffs. Leather set are made from full hide, deluxe set are lined and edged in matching soft suede. Plain set are not lined or edged. All sets are furnished with heavy single roller buckles and welded heavy dee rings.

Deluxe £30.00 - Standard £24.00

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Female Pony Harness

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Female Pony Harness</span></strong></em>


This harness was designed many years ago for use on Pony Girls owned by the master himself, the infamous "Gord". It has appeared in many magazines and is still currently one of the most photographed. It has two heavy dee rings at the sides for securing various designs of Pony Cart and can be fitted with our unique tail accessory in seconds. This particular harness when worn looks absolutely stunning. Its unique design allows for it to fit just about anyone with little alteration, however, please ensure to choose a suitable waist measurement when ordering. Additional buckle assemblies are available for this harness below to give an even wider range of adjustment to waist size. It is fully lined and edged where necessary in matching soft leather.

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We have been asked on many occasions if we could recommend furniture makers to our clients. Fantasy Leather has now managed to track down the professional skills of true artists in the field of fetish furniture.

Since the dawn of time, lovers have used thier ingenuity to bring erotic pleasure into each others lives. First illustrated in Egyptian heiroglyphs, queening stools for "face sitting or smothering" have down the ages, brought pleasure to millions. QUEENS AND KINGS are delighted to bring you a new range of queening stools. Hand-made, unique and luxurious, each one an original. Enjoy the sensuality and comfort of soft upholstery, pillows and supports. Choose wood, in classic antique styles or 21st century steel. Whichever your choice, the stool will take the strain, and give you hours of effortless enjoyment. Beautifuly designed and solidly constructed, these queening stools come in various styles and sizes, and for those outside the box, there are queening thrones. Stylish, exciting and versatile......these stools and thrones are a must for every playroom.

Purchase at: direct or Telephone on: 07717 474 584


<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 1 Queening Stool</span></strong></em> Model - 1 Queening Stool

Model: 01: Traditionally hand-turned and hand-made open-fronted hardwood queening stool with no accessories, (turning can vary slightly).
Weight: 3kg. Height: 35cms/14ins. Width: 42cms/16ins. Depth: 39cms/15ins

Model - 2 Queening Stool

Model 02: 21st. century queening stool without accessories. Open-fronted frame in 33mm. round or square section chromed steel. Very, very strong. All steel fabrication and upholstery done by hand. Available in black or scarlet.
Weight: 4kg. Height: 35cms/14ins. Width: 41cms/16ins. Depth:41cms/16ins.

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 2 Queening Stool</span></strong></em>
<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 3 Queening Stool</span></strong></em> Model - 3 Queening Stool

Model 03: Traditionally turned open-fronted hardwood queening stool with purpose-shaped head pillow (turning can vary slightly). Available in black or scarlet.
Weight: 3 kg. Height: 35cms/14ins. Width: 41cms/16ins. Depth: 41cms/16ins.

Model - 4 Queening Stool

Model 04: 21st. century open-fronted luxury, extra-padded queening stool with matching headsling. The 33mm round or square section chromed steel frame will support any weight. Again, completely hand-made. Specifications as in Model: 02. Available in scarlet or black.

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 4 Queening Stool</span></strong></em>
<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 5 Queening Stool</span></strong></em> Model - 5 Queening Stool

Model 05: 21st. century queening stool with adjustable, detachable headsling and adjustable, detachable chained cuffs. 33mm. round or square section brushed steel. Very strong. All steel fabrication and uphostery done by hand. Available in scarlet or black.
Weight: 4kg. Height: 35cms/14ins. Width: 41cms/16ins. Depth:41cms/16ins.

Model - 6 Queening Stool

Model 06: Grand, luxury extra-padded, high queening throne. Central appeture for complete surround feel. Adjustable, detachable head sling. All construction, studding and upholstery done by hand. Cuffs are available and would match perfectly (see accessories).
Weight: 4 kg. Height and width 48cms/19ins.

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 6 Queening Stool</span></strong></em>
<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 7 Queening Stool</span></strong></em> Model - 7 Queening Stool

Model 07: Traditionally hand-turned and hand-made hardwood queening stool. Vinyl upholstered with detachable, adjustable headsling and adjustable, detachable sliding cuffs. Specifications: as in Model: 01.

Model - 8 Queening Stool

Model 08: All specifications as in model: 06, except legs are hand-turned hardwood.

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 8 Queening Stool</span></strong></em>
<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Model - 9 Queening Stool</span></strong></em> Model - 9 Queening Stool

This Ultimate Queening Throne offers the power, comfort. and dignity your queen deserves. Specifications as in model: 06. Powder sprayed steel with comfortable uphostered back and arms.

Accessorie - 01 Head Sling

Headsling. Adjustable height and angle. Assembles in a few seconds. 30cms/12ins x 30cms x 30cms. Fits all Q and K stools and thrones. Highly reccomended. Available in Scarlet or Black colours.

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Accessorie - 01 Head Sling</span></strong></em>
<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Accessorie - 02 Cuffs & Flow Chain</span></strong></em> Accessorie - 02 Cuffs & Flow Chain

Additional cuffs and flow chain. Adjustable.....detachable.....reliable. Comes with 3mm. chromed, soft curb chain and robust nickel-plated trigger clips. Available in Scarlet or Black colours.

Accessorie - 3 Curved Head Pillow

Curved head pillow. Firm but comfortable....ideal for extended use. Available in Scarlet or Black colours

<em><strong><span style='color: #ff0000;'>Accessorie - 3 Curved Head Pillow</span></strong></em>